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How to obtain Russian work permit

Instruction for foreign citizens or stateless person arriving to the Russian Federation visa-free with the aim of temporary labour activity

1. It is necessary to submit a completed migration card at the Russian Federation border checkpoint.

Migration card forms are issued free of charge to the foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation by representatives of transport organizations (operating personnel of long-distance trains, airliners, sea and river vessels, etc.)

The migration card is completed in Russian. It can also be completed in Latin letters corresponding to the data contained in the passport or another identification document. Both parts of the migration card should be filled in. 

In the «Purpose of entry» section the word «работать» (to work) should be underlined.

Migration card consist of two parts: «A» and «B». While passing through the state border checkpoint, Part «A» of the migration card is left with the Frontier Service officials and Part «B» is returned to the foreign citizen. On the reverse side of Part «B» of the migration card the border checkpoint officials must put a mark of entry to the Russian Federation.

In case of damage or loss of the migration card, the foreign citizen must within three days apply to the nearest territorial office of the Federal Migration Service in order to obtain a duplicate of the damaged or lost migration card. At the same time documents allowing entry to the Russian Federation must be submitted. Migration card duplicate is issued free of charge.

2. Upon entry to the Russian Federation territory the foreign citizen must within 3 workdays register in the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service at the place of sojourn.

The procedure of the migration registration implies informing (notifying) a relevant territorial office of the Federal migration Service of a foreign citizen?s arrival to the place of sojourn and must be carried out in the course of three workdays after the arrival of the foreign citizens to the Russian Federation. One should know that all the procedures of the migration registration are carried out by the Host Party, the foreign citizen him/herself is not required to address any organizations wasting his/her time.

Upon arrival at the place of sojourn, the foreign citizen shows to the Host Party his/her passport and migration card; the latter is completed upon entrance to the Russian federation. Taking away the passport and migration card of the foreign citizen is not allowed.

The Host Party may be represented by citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless person having permanent residence in the Russian federation (holders of residence permit), as well as legal persons, their subsidiaries or branch offices where the foreign citizen actually resides (sojourns) or works.

When a foreign citizen settles in a hotel, the Host Party is the hotel?s administration which in the course of twenty-four hours notifies the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service of the foreign citizen?s arrival and also takes all the necessary steps regarding the registration of foreign citizens; the administration is responsible for observance of the established rules of foreigner?s sojourn.

All the measures necessary for the registration of a foreign citizen are takes by the administration of the hotel.

On the basis of the documents presented by the foreign citizen, the Host Party fills in a special form of notification of the foreign citizen's arrival at the place of sojourn (hereinafter Notification). Then the Host Party in the course of twenty-four hours presents the said form along with copies of the foreign citizen?s passport and migration card directly to the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service or sends them by post. There is no state due for migration registration.

In mail service offices there are special window where the Host Party would be offered a Notification form to fill in. the Notification forms are given free of charge. For the service of receiving the Notification the mail service office charges an appropriate free established by the Government regulation of the Russian Federation No. 10, January 15, 2007. Currently the fee is 180 rubles.

The territorial office of the Federal Migration service or the mail service office which have received from the Host Party the completed Notification along with the above-mentioned copies put down a mark of reception in the Notification and return the detachable part of the Notification to the Host Party.

The Host Party gives the detachable part of the Notification to the foreign citizen. The fact that the foreign citizen has the detachable part of the Notification with the mark of reception confirms his/her migration registration.

The foreign citizen has a right to notify the bodies of migration control of his/her arrival at the place of sojourn by him/herself in case there are documented reasonable excuses (illness, physical impossibility, etc.) preventing the Host Party from submitting the Notification to a body of migration registration.

A foreign citizen permanently residing in the Russian federation also has a right to notify the corresponding body of migration control of his/her arrival at the place of residence by him/herself directly or, according to the established order, by post, with written consent of the Host Party.

Before departure the foreign citizen gives the detachable art of Notification to the Host Party for it to be submitted directly or by post to the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service. Such action must be taken by the Host Party in the course of two workdays since the departure of the foreign citizen.

Please pay attention that the time of sojourn of a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation is determined by the term of validity of the visa issued to him/her.

The time of sojourn in the Russian federation of a foreign citizen who has arrived to the Russian Federation according o an arrangement that does not require a visa cannot exceed ninety days except the cases envisaged by the Russian federation legislation.

The foreign citizen is obliged to leave the Russian Federation upon expiry of the authorized time of sojourn. To prolong the term of validity of the visa of the time of sojourn, it is necessary to address the bodies of the Migration Service in advance, before the above-mentioned period expires.

Violation of rules of migration registration may entail administrative responsibility of a foreign citizen in the form a penalty from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles, in certain cases accompanied with expulsion from the territory of the Russian Federation. A foreign citizen who has been administratively expelled may be further banned from entry to the Russian Federation for the period of up to five years.

Xerocopies of the passport, migration card and detachable part of the Notification, in case of their loss or any other unforeseen circumstances, would help to confirm that the foreign citizen indeed has the documents and observes the rules of migration registration.

3. A foreign citizen has no right to engage in labor activity without a work permit and before reaching an age of 18 years.

To get a work permit a foreign citizen has to turn to a territorial department of the FMS of Russia at the place of migration registration for the period of sojourn and to apply for a work permit according the established form.

  • the application is supplemented with the following:
  • a copy of the application;
  • a color photography of 30×40 mm in size;
  • a document proving the foreign citizen?s identity and accepted as such by the Russian Federation;
  • the migration card with a record of a border checkpoint;
  • a state due receipt for the issuance of a work permit to the foreign citizen.

The state due for the issuance of a work permit is 1,000 rubles.

A refusal to accept from a foreign citizen an application for a job permit is not allowed, except for the cases of the foreign citizen?s failure to present the documents named in this section.

An authorized official of a territorial office of the FMS of Russia registers the application, puts down the registration number on it, and gives to the applicant a copy of his application with a record of the date of its reception.

The job permit is given to the foreign citizen in person, upon presentation of a document proving his/her identity and acknowledged in the Russian federation in this quality.

The job permit is issued within the range of an established quota for issuing job permits by a territorial office of the FMS of Russia within 10 workdays after the presentation of the above — mentioned documents, provided the foreign citizen has turned 18 years and provided the application for a job permit and the documents presented do not contain false or distorted information.

In case a foreign citizen, while applying to a territorial office of the FMS of Russia for a job permit, does not have a specific place of employment, he/she may turn for employment assistance to an executive body dealing with issues of employment of population in a relevant subject of the Russian Federation.

4. If a job permit is issued to a foreign citizen for a term exceeding 90 days, he has, within 30 days after receiving the said permit, t present to the territorial office of the FMS of Russia:

  • documents confirming he does not suffer from drug addiction;
  • documents confirming the absence of infectious diseases dangerous for other people (Leprosy (Hansen?s disease), Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Chlamydia lymphogranuloma, Chancroid);
  • certificate of the absence of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

In the foreign citizen has failed to present the necessary medical documents in due time, the job permit issued to him/her is revoked and the employer is obliged to terminate the labour or civil contract.

5. A foreign citizen who has received a job permit valid more than 90 days since the date of entry to the territory of the Russian federation must obtain a job within 90 days since the date of entry to the Russian Federation, otherwise he/she will have to leave the Russian federation, despite having a job permit valid more than 90 days.

6. After concluding a labour or civil contract, the employer or the person who has ordered a job (service) must notify the territorial office of FMS of Russia and the employment body of the relevant subject of the Russian federation and indicate the effective period of such a contract to prolong the time of sojourn of the foreign citizen on the territory of the Russian Federation.

After the notification about the prolongation of the time of sojourn the foreign citizen has the right to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation during the term of validity of the job permit.

The employer or the person who has ordered a job (service) must give the detachable part of the second notification to the foreign citizen.

7. The foreign citizen does not have the right to carry out labour activity outside the boundaries of the subject of the Russian federation where the job permit has been issued to him/her, except for the cases envisaged by the legislation.

8. A foreign citizen has the right to prolong the time of sojourn in order to carry out labour activity, but no longer than for year. To do that, he has to turn to the territorial office of the FMS of Russia, before the expiration of the time of sojourn indicated in the notification about the registration at the place of sojourn, and receive a job permit for a new term.

In case the foreign citizen does not apply for a prolongation of the term of the job permit, he/she I subject to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine at the rate of 2,500-5,000 rubles, in certain cases accompanied with an administrative expulsion. A foreign citizen who has been administratively expelled may be further banned from entry to the Russian Federation for the period of up to five years.

9. In case of concluding a new labour contract, the employer must again notify the territorial office of the FMS of Russia about the fact that the foreign worker has concluded another labour contract and give the foreign worker the detachable part of the new notification form with an appropriate record on it.