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The list of areas in Russia restricted to visit by foreign citizens

1. KAMCHATKA REGION - parts of the Kamchatka Peninsula are restricted by the lines: IVASHKA - VOYAMPOLKA - KLYCHEVSKAYA SOPKA VOLCANO - CAPE SIVUCHII (with the exception of the volcano southern slopes, the above-said settlements and the eastern coast of the Peninsula 20 kilometers wide);

2. CAPE KALYGIR - KORYAKI - the highway running from KORYAKI - YELIZOVO - TERMALNYI - MUTNOVSKAYA SOPKA VOLCANO - CAPE VKHODNOI OF RUSSKAYA BAY (with the exception of the towns PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, YELIZOVO and settlements PARATUNKA and TERMALNYI and the highways connecting them).

3. KHABAROVSK TERRITORY – Komsomolsk on the Amur

4. PRIMORYE TERRITORY - Russky; costal strip 20 kilometers wide in the sector Cape Chetyrekh Skal - Cape Yuzhny.

5. Part of the coastline that is restricted from the east by the line Livadia-Anisimovka, and from the north by the railway Anisimovka - Shokotovo (with the exception of the above-said settlements and the railway).

6. KRASNOYARSK TERRITORY, TAIMYR (DOLGANO-NENETS) AUTONOMOUS AREA - the territory within the limits of lake Polovinnoye - Kazantsevo - Messoyakha – Maduika - lake Dyupkun (except the ports Dudinka, Igarka and the vessel course on the Yenisei River).

7. ORENBURG REGION - area south of the Orenburg - Ilek highway restricted from the southwest and east by Ilek River and by the Chingirlau - Sol-Iletsk - Orenburg railway (with the exception of the above-said towns, highway and railway).

8. NIZHNY NOVGOROD REGION - area within the bounds of Pervomaisky - Purekh - Chistoye - Krasnaya Gorka - Volodarsk - Dzerzhinsk - Pervomaisky (with the exception of the above- said settlements). Passage by transit permitted along the railway and by motor transport along the Gorokhovets - Nizhny Novgorod highway, calling at the towns of Volodarsk and Dzerzhinsk.

9. Area restricted from the south by the regional border and River Moksha, the Sumorieve - Bakhtyzine - Sarminsky Maidan - Naryshkino - Alamasovo-Satis - Yakovlevka - Bereshchino- Zhegalovo Highway in the Mordovian Republic (with the exception of the above-said settlements, River Moksha and the highway).

10. MORDOVIAN REPUBLIC - area restricted from the north by the republican border and River Moksha, the line Stary Gorod - Russkoe Karaevo - Zhegalovo - Bereshchino in the Nizhny Novgorod Region (with the exception of the above-said settlements and highway).

11. MURMANSK REGION AND REPUBLIC OF KARELIA - the coastline of Kola Peninsula 10 kilometers wide from Cape Krestovy to River Voronya, the district west of River Voronya restricted from the south and west by the Tumanny - Kola Highway, the Kola - Pechenga Railway and the Pechenga - Shchel Inlet (with the exception of the above-said settlements, highway, railway and city of Murmansk with passage via the latter by railway and motor transport from Kola and by transit along the Zapolarny - Kola - Murmansk Highway). The district of Kandalaksha Bay with a coastal strip one kilometer wide within the bounds: of Cape Kochinny - Cape Titov from the west, and Cape Nosok - Cape Sharapov from the east.

12. ARCHANGELSK REGION AND KOMI REPUBLIC - the coastal strip 25 kilometers wide from Primorye District to the west of Severnaya Dvina River to Letny Navolok; the strip 50 kilometers wide along the railway in the Archangelsk - Shalakusha sector (with the exception of the cities of Archangelsk and Novodvinsk, and transit via those cities by railway and motor transport) and a portion of the area to the east of the Emtsa-Shalakusha line to Verkholedka - Seltso - Pogost. The Area within the bounds of Khalmer - Yu - Yary - Ust-Kara - Karataika (with the exception of the above-said settlements); Cape Svyatoi Nos - Indiga River - Sula River - Kotkino - Nelmin Nos (with the exception of the above-said settlements and rivers); part of Kanin Nos and the adjacent area within a 10 kilometers radius.

13. Novaya Zemlya south of the line Russkaya Gavan Bay - Cape Middendorf.

14. SVERDLOVSK REGION - part of territory west of the Nizhny Tagil - Ivdel Railway restricted by Ivdel River from the north, and by the Kushva - Serebryanka line from the south (with the exception of said railway and settlements). 12. Part of the area of Nevyansk and Kirovgrad Districts restricted by the line Verkh-Neivinsk - Kalinov - Murzinka - Belorechka - Meovo-Rudyanka - Verkh-Neivinsk line (with the exception of the above-said settlements).

15. CHELYABINSK REGION - the area restricted by the Kyshtym - Kasli - Tyubuk - Mauk - Filippovka line and Kosmakovo, Sysert District, Sverdlovsk Region - Tyubuk - Karagaikul - Argayash - Kyshtym (with the exception of the above-said settlements). Part of the area of Katav-Ivanov District restricted by the line Vasilovka - Pervukha - Meseda - Yekaterinovka - Polovinka - Sovkhozny.

16. LENINGRAD REGION -  the Gulf of Finland, 20-km wide coastal strip from the River Narva to the inhabited locality Malaya Izhora.

17. MOSCOW REGION - parts of Odintsovo District restricted by the line Uspenskoye - Zhavoronki - Odintsovo - Barvikha; parts of Balashikha District restricted by the line Nikolskoye - Trubetskoye - Balashikha - Kuchino - Tomilino from the west (with the exception of the Gorky Highway); parts of Mytishchi District restricted by the Moscow circular highway and by the line Nagornoye State Farm - Borodino - Volkovo - Perlovka from the south (with the exception of the above-said settlements and highway); parts of Solnechnogorsk District restricted by the Pyatnitskoye Highway and the Korostovo - Podolino - Brekhovo line from the southwest (with the exception of the above-said settlements and the Pyatnitskoye Highway); parts of Podolsk District restricted by the Simferopol Highway and the line Altukhovo - Romantsevo - Meshcherskoye - Stolbovaya from the west (with the exception of the above-said settlements and the Simferopol Highway); and parts of Shchelkovo District restricted by the Shchelkovo Highway and by the line Dolgoye-Ledovo - Oboldino - Shchitnikovo from the southeast (with the exception of the above-said settlements and the Shchelkovo Highway).

18. KALININGRAD REGION - the town of Baltiisk (with the exception of the eastern part - the Eastern Point, demarcated as follows: from the north, east and south - by the coastal water line in the Primorskaya Bay and the Kaliningrad Marine Canal; from the west - by the line that passes by the canal (east of the settlement of Sevastopolsky) up to its crossing with the Nakhimov Street, then to the north-east up to Mark 2.2, and from there along the road to the south-east via Mark 2.4 to the crossing with the dirt road, and from the point of crossing - to the south-west by the dirt road, up to the coastal water line and the territory of the basin No. 3 of the Baltic Naval Base (see the map of the town of Baltiisk, 39-40, 52 of the 1994 edition, drawn to the 1:10,000 scale), Baltiisk Spit, and Zelenogradsk District (with the exception of part of the area north of the line Muromskoye - Kovrovo - Romanovo - Grachevka - Otradnoye), part of Guriev District west of the Khrabrovo - Sosnovka - Orlovka - Kaliningrad Highway (with the exception of the above-said settlements and highway), part of the area of Krasnoznamensk and Nesterovo Districts restricted by the Kibartai - Nesterovo - Vysokoye - Dobrovolsk - Pravdino - Pobedino Highway and by the line Pobedino - Shilgalyai (with the exception of the above-said settlements and highway).

19. Entry into open cities, settlements and districts of the Kaliningrad Region is permitted by transit along the Kaliningrad - Ryabinovka - Zelenogradsk - Svetlogorsk railway, or by motor transport along the Kaliningrad - Pereslavkoye - Dubovka - Svetlogorsk Highway, and the Kaliningrad - Orlovka - Muromskoye -Zelenogradsk Highway. Passage to the territory of the basin No.3 of the Baltic Naval Base shall be carried on by transit along the Kaliningrad - Baltiisk railway or by motor transport along the Kaliningrad Baltiisk highway and further on along Lenina, Serebrovskaya streets, Nizhnee highway of the town of Baltiisk.

20. VOLGOGRAD REGION - a part of the Pallasovka district limited on the north and east by the line point 45 kilometres to the north of the settlement Mayak Oktyabrya - point 67 kilometres to the north of the settlement Otgonny - point 20 kilometres to the south of the settlement Otgonny - northern extremity of lake Botkul.

21. ASTRAKHAN REGION - the district east of the Volzhsky - Akhtubinsk - Kharabali - Akkol railway (with the exception of the above-said railway).

22. CHUKOT AUTONOMOUS AREA 18. The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area: the territory, limited by the line Ust-Kara - Aksarka - Kholmy - Vyngapurovsky - Khalyasaway - Tibeisale, to the bank line of the Taz River, along the water border of the Tax Gulf and the Ob Gulf, the Malygin Strait, the Sea of Kara Sea and the Baidaratsky Gulf (except for the populated locality of Ust-Kara and the ship passage in the Ob River).